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Workshop on Managing the Internationalization and Share Scholarship Program

SHARE Scholarship Program held the workshop on the 3rd “Managing Internationalization and the SHARE Scholarship Programme” in Bangkok, recently. This activity was in order to support the Office of the International Relations (IROs) in each ASEAN university participating in SHARE Program. This workshop was attended by 32 IROs representatives of each country, SHARE recipients currently studying in Bangkok, the officials from the Office of Higher Education of the Commission of Thailand (OHEC), the representatives from the ASEAN University (AUN) Network, SEAMEO - RIHED, and ASEAN Secretariat. The Delegation of Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) who was also attended was the Head of Sub Directorate of International Program, Dr. Eko Hari Purnomo. In this event, the participants discussed the key issues in the framework of the mobility of SHARE including the monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of Batch 1 and Batch 2 of the SHARE Scholarship Program.

This workshop also organized the special session to the recipients of SHARE scholarship currently in Bangkok to share experiences. The participants were given the overview, how to establish the good cooperation with and between the offices of the international relations. This workshop aimed to support the participation of the universities of SHARE Scholarship Program in conducting the process of the internationalization, and to prepare the universities and the offices of the international relations for the implementation of Batch 3 from the SHARE Scholarship, planned to open the applications for both intra-ASEAN and ASEAN – mobility of the European Union of March 2017.

SHARE was the grant of the European Union funded of the Program of € 10,000,000 with the main aims to strengthen the regional cooperation, to improve the quality, competitiveness and internationalization of ASEAN of the higher education institutions and the students, and to give contribution to ASEAN community. From 2016 onwards, it would provide 500 scholarships for ASEAN students, especially by supporting the exchange of the students and the recognition of the credit points in ASEAN region.